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Do you really need a Coordinator?

Choosing Vendors

Coordinators have solid relationships with vendors in this industry. A good Coordinator will know what florists are in town, but a great Coordinator will know which florist specializes in a more whimsical versus traditional aesthetic and be able to refer you accordingly.

Negotiating Contracts

Vendor relationships can benefit you, the client, outside of general “fit”. For example, some venues will provide a special corkage rate for specific Planners and Coordinators. A preferred vendor list that your Planner or Coordinator is included on may mean special discounts, package pricing deals, or certain items free of charge if a minimum is met. Win, win.


The Holy Bible (or preferred religious writing) of your big day. In short, this is what we live and breathe by on your wedding day. It’s carefully constructed, it’s approved by you, and it’s distributed to your vendors so everyone is on the same page. It houses details like addresses, vendor contact information, and who needs to be present to sign your marriage license. If you’ve poked around my site at all, you know how I feel about timelines. You know how a Manolo Blahnik pump (or any high heel, for that matter) is not actually a high heel without the metal rod that holds the shoe up? Think of your timeline’s functionality in the same way.

But what do you DO?

Aside from a lot of legwork in the beginning, your Coordinator/Planner is there to take the stress off of you the night before and the day of. We run your rehearsal the night before, making sure everyone knows who they’re walking behind, and at what time. The day of your wedding we are the point person for any hiccups that may arise, we check in with all vendors upon their arrival and assist with their set up, we bring emergency kits with literally everything imaginable, and YES, we do get a little misty when you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life.

After the ceremony ends, our job is far from over. If your ceremony space needs to evolve into a reception space, we assist with that. We make sure people know when they’re on deck for dances, speeches, or toasts, and we assist your guests with anything that they might need as well. When everything is said and done…you having a perfect day means that WE had a perfect day. There’s no better feeling than hearing a couple absolutely THRILLED with the fact that they had the best day ever.

Peace of mind

Zen out. I could expand on this, but my couples say it best: “I didn’t have to worry about anything. She took care of it all.”

So, do you need a Coordinator or Planner? 

Let’s create your day together.